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Your site hacked, needs securing, or just too slow? Kiss your WordPress troubles goodbye.
Help I think I’ve been hacked

So you’ve carefully installed WordPress, you’ve made it look exactly how you like with a decent theme, you’ve maybe installed some fancy plugins and you’ve crafted some fine posts and Pages. In short, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your site.

Then, one day, you load up your site in your browser, and find that it’s not there, or it redirects to a shopping site, or your site is full of adverts for shopping. It leaves you wondering, Why would anyone hack my website? What are you supposed to do now?

Have no fear InvisibleWp is here to solve your problems.

Makes your WordPress Site invisible to Hackers and Spam Emailers.
Advanced Firewall to Blocks Malicious Attacks
1-Click Activation
2- Option to rename Links and Folders
3- Changes All plugin names to avoid detection
4. 24/7 Live Online Support

Hide My WP has a number of features that improve your WordPress security:

* Changes permalinks of files (like wp-admin) to obscure them from bots
*Removes meta info (like version number) from your headers and feeds
* Controls access to your PHP files
* Changes the default subdirectories of vulnerable folders like wp-content
* Changes query URLs to protect from SQL injections
* Hides files that can give hackers information about your WordPress installation (like readme.html or license.txt)